We are developing breakthrough consumer products, starting with Nima, enabling you to know what is in your food.  We believe meal time should be about the enjoyment of your food and your company, and not the worry about the potential repercussions of eating something unknown.  We exist for you to eat with confidence and stay healthy!

And we're hiring! Check out out our jobs page for details.



We are developing breakthrough consumer products, starting with Nima, enabling you to know what is in your food.  We believe meal time should be about the enjoyment of your food and your company, and not the worry about the potential repercussions of eating something unknown.  We exist for you to eat with confidence and stay healthy!

And we're hiring! Check out out our jobs page for details.

Why We're Doing This

Every day, people are becoming more aware and more concerned about what hidden things are in the food they’re eating. Our Founders have long struggled with various food allergies and lived with loved ones who do too, and we’re tired of repeatedly wondering if our food is safe to eat.

Born out of MIT, our founding team decided to build a company to bring clarity and trust back to the dinner table. With our breakthrough technology, we’re creating a brand new product category that will enable anyone to quickly and discreetly detect minute traces of toxins in their food.

Our first product is a portable allergen sensor, Nima, allowing you to test your food for gluten before you eat it. Anywhere. At any time.


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Meet Nima, the first portable and accurate food allergen sensor. Our product gives you the confidence to trust your food and enjoy your meal, any time, anywhere.


Join our Waitlist

Meet Nima, the first portable and accurate food allergen sensor. Our product gives you the confidence to trust your food and enjoy your meal, any time, anywhere.

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Our Solution

Test food. Share data. Analyze trends.


Our Solution

Test food. Share data. Analyze trends.

Fast Testing

Our patent-pending device allows you to quickly, accurately, and discreetly test your food for gluten.

Data Sharing

We will be directly integrated with your mobile device to allow you to record and share the results of each meal that you test.

Powerful Analysis

Combining results from thousands of users, we'll create the most robust and accurate map of gluten free food items and restaurants in the world.


Meet the Team

On a mission to change living with food allergies, forever


Meet the Team

On a mission to change living with food allergies, forever


Shireen Yates

Co-founder, CEO

Shireen Taleghani Yates has been leading a gluten-free diet for the past eight years. She is always on the hunt for new gluten-free foods but still finds it risky to eat out safely. After five years in sales and marketing at Google and Youtube, and an MBA from MIT Sloan, she decided to pursue her passion for helping people lead healthier lifestyles by starting 6SensorLabs.

Food Identity: Gluten allergic; soy, dairy, egg intolerant. Persian food lover.


Scott Sundvor

Co-founder, CTO

Scott graduated from MIT with a degree in mechanical engineering and a focus in product design and development. Previously, Scott worked in operations and management at Stroud Consulting and in early product dev at Johnson & Johnson. Scott is passionate about beautifully designed products, healthy living and exceedingly comfortable chairs (or hammocks - those are great, too).

Food Identity: Gluten free to help control my ulcerative colitis; buy only organic whenever possible; love a freshly grilled ribeye steak or tender lamb-chop; big sweet tooth - can't help myself from ordering a creme brulee if I ever see it on a menu.


DR. JingQing Zhang, Lead Scientist

Jingqing is leading the chemistry and biology development of the product. She is passionate about applying nanotechnology and life science focused innovations to solving real-world problems. She previously held positions at Agamatrix, General Mills and Dow Chemical. Jingqing holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and a minor in economics and business from MIT. Food Identity: Mostly gluten-free because of husband Andrew; eat lots of vegetables + fruit. Do not like cheese or fat.



Alex graduated from UC Davis with a B.S. in biochemistry and B.A. in economics. He's worked in various positions in the scientific and education field. Alex is very inquistive and passionate about things that bridge scientific principles and technology together. He is very active, and you've probably seen his back side at every marathon, half marathon and 10k you have been in. Just kidding. He is the type of guy that runs a 20-minute-mile pace but lines up in the front of the start line. Food Identity:  I have been blessed with zero food allergies,  but working at 6SensorLabs has made me realize the adversity and struggle that some people with severe food allergies face daily. I enjoy eating everything with the exception of cooked fish. Blech.



Steve, Lead Product Development Engineer

Steve graduated from Northeastern University with a B.A. in mechanical engineering and a minor in business. Steve has spent the past nine years developing blood-oriented medical devices at Haemonetics Corporation and is excited about continuing to help people lead healthier lives. In his spare time, Steve is out running with his dog Cooper, biking up the next mountain or perfecting his golf game.  Food Identity: Organic, local and fresh. Mostly eat fruits, veggies, legumes and nuts.


Joe, Engineering Program Manager

Joe was most recently at Synapse Product Development in Seattle, where he was a mechanical engineer and technical lead for dozens of consumer electronic projects for companies such as Nike, TomTom and the Gates Foundation. Prior to that, Joe worked at Corning Incorporated's Environmental Sciences division as a mechanical engineer and R&D lead. Joe graduated from Dartmouth College with a B.S. in mechanical engineering and a master's of engineering management from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth. Outside of the office, you'll find Joe somewhere outdoors - either camping, hiking, biking, rock climbing or fishing. Food Identity: Fortunate to have no food allergies. I seek out opportunities to grow or procure my own food, either through gardening, foraging (for mushrooms is a favorite) and fishing. Growing up on a small dairy farm gave me a respect for healthy food and a simple diet.


Dane, Mechanical Design Engineer

Dane comes from five years of product development consulting. He's worked on many handheld and wearable consumer electronics as a mechanical engineer and a technical lead. Dane has a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Washington. When not in the office, you can find Dane playing soccer, hiking or skiing in the mountains or on a run. Food Identity: Luckily food allergy free, but has a wife who is gluten and lactose intolerant. Prefers fresh, organic options when available, but definitely has a sweet tooth and craves a good cappuccino.



John joins the team at 6SensorLabs after spending eight years in new product development consulting. Working with small startups to large companies, such as GE Oil & Gas, he has helped take many new ideas from concept to the market. John holds a B.S. in electrical engineering, and his passion is in electronics and hardware design. When not playing with circuits, John likes spending time in the mountains backpacking in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. Food Identity: Allergy-free; love sampling all sorts of ethnic cuisines; at home like to cook with fresh ingredients matching recipes to wine.




Ryan joins 6SensorLabs as lead iOS engineer after successfully launching several other startup apps on the App Store. Most recently, he worked on launching’s app in time for TC Disrupt SF 2013. Previously, he worked on iOS apps for Stella & Dot and Ryan is an avid gamer and game developer, attending GDC every March. Food Identity: I have no allergies and will eat anything that doesn't live in the ocean.



Vat joins 6SensorLabs after a successful career with 15 years experience at both large and small software companies, most recently as managing engineer at When not at work, Vat likes to plays tennis and experiment on his next culinary creation. Food Identity: Allergy-free, but I have tons of friends and family with various allergies and food restrictions. Growing up vegetarian, I have huge appreciation for healthy, meat-free diets.



Cindy comes to 6sensor labs after spending 12 years in UX/visual design, most recently designing mobile tools for Bechtel. After a search for her next meaninful project, she is excited to empower people to know what is in their food. In addition to design, Cindy has a B.A. in political science from UCSB and an M.B.A. from Emory University. When away from her computer, Cindy is most likely climbing somewhere in the Eastern Sierras. Food Identity: Allergy-free but struggles with dining out. Relies on home-cooked meals to stay full and happy. Most appreciative of homemade pie.



Carla joins 6SensorLabs directly from a fin-tech startup. She was formerly at AOL & in senior roles overseeing consumer insights and marketing. She's been working in consumer-oriented technology since the late '90s. She cares deeply about the things she eats and is excited to help people trust their food. Carla holds a A.B.H. in Spanish and theater and an M.B.A., both from Rollins College. In her spare time, Carla co-leads a ladies cocktail club, parents two teenagers and does lots of socializing with her comic-book writing husband. Food Identity: Lacto-ovo vegetarian; allergic to truffles (not the chocolate ones); likes to make food from scratch; tea > coffee; believes beets and HFCS are evil and that meals shared and well-crafted cocktails can save your soul.



Heather, PR LEAD

Heather comes to 6SensorLabs with more than seven years of public relations experience, specializing in enterprise and consumer technology. She has worked with some of the biggest innovators in the industry today, including, Samsung and VMware, leading their corporate and product communications programs. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.A. in journalism and mass communications and a certificate in business. Outside of work, you'll find Heather running half marathons with Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, cooking paleo meals and exploring San Francisco's many neighborhoods. Food Identity: No diagnosed food allergies, but live a life free of grains, lactose, sugar, corn and soy to manage symptoms of Crohn's disease. Cook at home whenever possible with fresh and organic foods. Hate cilantro.

Business Operations



Kerri joins 6SensorLabs after 12 years in the non-profit world, most recently as a program manager for a local non-profit, where she took groups of teens on innovative educational trips to Israel to shoot self-produced documentary films. In her free time, Kerri enjoys cooking and entertaining, photography, spending time with family and is always planning the next great travel adventure with her husband!  Food Identity: Allergic to eggplant and sensitive to eggs and dairy, but I'm a big fan of brunch so sometimes I choose to suffer! I love to cook fresh, healthy meals and experiment in the kitchen. Lover of sushi, hater of bananas!





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